BLOGBYTE: Download ANY Video From ANY Website Without Any Software


Friday, April 27, 2012

Download ANY Video From ANY Website Without Any Software

Is it possible? Yes, absolutely.

You can find hundreds of softwares on the internet that will help you download videos from a variety of websites. Softwares like Youtube Downloader, Internet Download Manager and Orbit Downloader can be found for free just by searching them on Google.

But the disadvantages about using these softwares are that they don’t support ALL the websites that you can find on the internet. Secondly, you’ll have to download and install them on your hard disk in order to use it. Furthermore, options are limited.

There is a Firefox Add-On known as “DownloadHelper.” With this, you can, download videos, audios and also pictures from ANY website in the world, with just ONE click, without any softwares.

In addition to that, as amazing as it might sound, you can "Download & Convert" a video or audio to any format of your choice and also share it on your social network directly. You can even download it as a hidden file and you can send it directly to your mobile phone or your locker.

All these can be done on ANY website, let it be Facebook, Google, YouTube, twitter, Orkut or a unknown local site, without downloading and installing any software.

It’s also very VERY easy to use. No downloads required, no installations required. Just ONE click to get your favorite movie or song. It works for ALL websites. And yeah, it’s totally free.

Here's how to use DownloadHelper:

  • To get DownloadHelper, go directly to the Add-On page here.

  • If you need step-by-step guide on how to add DownloadHelper to your browser, you'll get it here.

  • Once you get it,  and you'll see a icon on the top-left side of your browser.

    Between the Right Arrow and in the address-bar.
    This is when DownloadHelper is inactive.

    • Now while surfing the net, as soon as you start watching any video or listening to any music or going through a picture gallery, you'll see the icon become active, like this

    • Now all you have to do is, just click the icon.

      It shows you a list of recommended video qualities and formats.

      • To download it right-away, click any one of the recommended video format & quality. 
      To download it in a different format that isn't listed
      If you want to share it on a social network
      If you want to download it as a hidden file.
      If you want to send it to your locker or your mobile phone.

      Just place your mouse arrow on it, without clicking.

      • Another menu will pop-out with the above options, along with some other additional options.

        • Choose what you want to do. To download it to your hard disk, click download.

          • Select your download destination. Change its name if you'd like, then click 'Save.'

          • Your download will start automatically.

          That's it. Once download is complete, it's yours. Do what you like. Use it offline, transfer it to your pendrive for data-transfer.

          Just use your imagination.

          Note: Only Mozilla Firefox supports DownloadHelper.

          I just wanted to add that I am NOT working for Mozilla in any way nor am I earning by directing people to visit their website or to convince others to download any of their products\add-ons or to for promoting. It's just pure information that I'm sharing with people who are in need of such type of knowledge.