BLOGBYTE: Guide To Get DownloadHelper On Your Browser


Friday, April 27, 2012

Guide To Get DownloadHelper On Your Browser

If you don't know what DownloadHelper is, how to use it and/or what it can do then get to know about it here.

A short description about DownloadHelper: It's a add-on, with which you can download videos, audios and also pictures from ANY website in the world with just ONE click and without any softwares. 

In addition to that, as amazing as it might sound, you can "Download & Convert" a video or audio to any format of your choice and also share it on your social network directly. 

Here a step-by-step guide on how to add DownloadHelper to your browser:

  • Go to the download page here.

  • Click the button. Next you might see something like this on the top-left side of your browser.

  • Click 'Allow' on the popup menu.

  • Wait a few seconds for it to finish.

  • Click 'Install Now."

    • Click 'Restart Now' and it's done.

      Want to know more? Find it here.